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Tips On Running A Bed And Breakfast

The prospect of running a bed and breakfast hotel is considered not only to be a very good business idea, but a very profitable one as well. This is because when people go on vacations, they are going so with the mentality of relaxing and letting go of all their worries. And since breakfasts are considered to be the most important meal of the day, the guests actually look for this option when they are selecting hotels. This option becomes all the more important for those who would just like to stay at a place for one or two nights.

Dave and Melanie Davis were looking "everywhere East of the Mississippi" for a bed and breakfast to buy after 20 years in law enforcement in Florida. They couldn't believe what great shape the Munroe Inn at 123 Pleasant St. in Auburn was in after being abandoned for the past five years.

Owning and running a B&B can be more work that first thought for many couples.

So if you are thinking of setting up your own business which would have the feature of bed and breakfast, then you should definitely be keeping in mind the following tips:
• Firstly, before you can start up your hotel accommodation, you would have to think of the business side of things first. This is because if you are not successful in sorting these out, then you will not be able to attract your target customers in the first place. So how then do you expect to survive? This includes getting your business license from the government, land permits, and even setting up business accounts.
• After you have gotten all the legal formalities out of the way, you can then focus on all the facilities and amenities which you will be providing to your guests. After all, the main aim of your business would be to make sure that your guests have a very comfortable and enjoyable stay, even if it would only be for one or two days.
• So when thinking about what facilities you will be providing, your topmost priority would be clean bedrooms and bathrooms. This is because nothing makes up a better impression than cleanliness. In addition, try to opt for space and coziness instead of trying to accommodate too many things at once.
• If you are planning to set up a guest house in a chilly climate, then you must make sure that you are providing heating facilities as well. In this way, after coming home from a long and tiring day, your guests will be able to cuddle up beside the fireplace and sip on their hot chocolate or coffee.
• Lastly, try to be the best hosts that you can. This is something that the guests take back with them after the end of their stay and this also stays with them. It will be your good-natured behaviour which will help you to earn many good reviews and hence increase your popularity.

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How to find the best hotel for your stay.

A lot of the time, the hotel you choose and stay at can either make or break a vacation. If the hotel is old, dirty and rundown, it can make a long night and stay drag on. If, on the other hand, it’s new, clean and in great condition, it can be one of the most relaxing time of your life. There are some great tips for finding the best hotels wherever one might have a need for them.

So how can one find the best hotel? Obviously, the answer will depend on what is most important to the traveler. For instance, some travelers care only about price – the least expensive price is what they want. Some tips for a good price, then, would be to plan in advance.

Travel advisers give two week rule as a minimum amount of time to leave before making a reservation. Also, joining in on rewards points for the hotel can help to save money too. Don’t forget to check their website for deals and great savings are sure to be found. There are many 3rd party websites that get great deals on hotels, try them before going straight to the hotel website.

If, however, the most important element of a good hotel is cleanliness, there are some tips for figuring that out as well. First, do not rely on the pictures from their website, alone. Often, hotels do not update pictures after years and years of wear and tear. Instead, call the hotel and ask them how old the building is. If it’s twenty years old, chances are it’s not as clean as one would like it. Also, read the reviews online to see what others think. Transparency is at a whole time high right now with social media and review type websites, you’ll know right away by reviews if they are a clean hotel or now. There is usually a section specifically for cleanliness which will provide all the information necessary for picking the cleanest hotel. A place that has found fame in this category is Hotel One Hundred.

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